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Words and their impacts, foodies to follow, National Bike Month

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Mother’s Day should be every day, sure, but in reality, we get one day a year. And it’s today! So we hope after you indulge in some parenting reading written and compiled by yours truly 👋 that you get to spend Mother’s Day however you wish—at brunch with your family or out shopping all by yourself.

You earned it!


New study proves that the words we use around our kids actually matter

A survey of 1,400 U.S. parents finds that what we say to our kids has big implications for their self-esteem and resilience. But don’t worry, because the majority of parents have regrets about certain negative terms they’ve said too.


5 parent foodies to follow for easy kid recipes

 Feeding your kid three times a day doesn’t have to be so hard. You asked for easy kid recipes, and we delivered via some of our favorite family foodie Instagrammers:

Goodbye Meal Kits, Hello Hungryroot

Hungryroot is a grocery and recipe delivery service that supports any health needs you and your family might have. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a gut-friendly diet, just trying to eat healthy, or anything in between, Hungryroot makes achieving your goals on your terms easy.

Browse the thousands of groceries and recipes available each week, or have Hungryroot curate a delivery made just for you and your family based on your preferences. Save hours planning, shopping, and cooking each week. Plus pick one free item for life.


Get your whole family outside for National Bike Month

Lace up the sneakers, grab your helmets, and enjoy these bike-centric family-friendly events going on now throughout the month of May and beyond.



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