🌟 Sunshine Guilt, Truck-Obsessed Kids, and Brain Breaks

Restless kids? We've got you covered.

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What is Sunshine Guilt?

The weather is getting nicer, and your “sunshine guilt” may be getting stronger. It’s when we feel badly that we’re staying inside on a beautiful day instead of making the most of the weather with our families. But can’t we just veg out in peace?!


5 fun, screenless ways to entertain your truck-loving kid

Take it from a boy mom whose son went through an all-truck-everything stage that was three years long: truck-loving kiddos are not that hard to entertain. We’ve got a bunch of DIY, at-home activities for vehicle-obsessed boys and girls to keep them occupied for hours.

  • Make a monster truck bridge

  • Craft your own cardboard box road

  • Build a magnetic tiles car park

  • Tape up some paper car tunnels

  • Design a toy truck parking garage

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What are brain breaks—and does my kid need them?

Brain breaks are a great way for a restless child to step away from learning to get out some energy and refocus. Screen time can be useful here, not to replace the activity but as a tool to help a child self-regulate or calm down.


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