🌟 Sittervising, Earth Day, and Emily Oster's take

Is there such a thing as too much screen time?

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What is Sittervising?

We looove a little independent play moment for our kid! You get to sit down and relax while they play independently…is sittervising parenting a win/win?


5 ways to celebrate Earth Day 2024 with kids

April showers bring May flowers, but the first full month of spring also means a slew of excuses to get outside and appreciate mother nature. These inexpensive activities are fun and easy, and will teach your kid how we can help our planet.

  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt

  • Plant some seeds

  • Search online for nature events & festivals in your area

  • Recycle trash into art

  • Backyard camping


The biggest takeaways from Emily Oster’s new screen time report

Data-driven parenting expert Emily Oster shares new insight on screen time for kids. But she says it’s not as easy to measure or as cut-and-dry as some parents may have hoped.


  • A Today writer asks: Is saying “just you wait” to another parent really that terrible?

  • Fortune offers up expert tips for parenting kids with anxiety

  • Romper wants you to know your toddler isn’t the one who despises loud noises

  • A TikTok mom shares a theory that as long as you pay attention to your kids during these nine minutes a day, you’re good


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