🌟 Mother's Day gifts you can make at home with the kids

Plus mini-adulting and non-toy kids gifts

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Gentle reminder to partners that next Sunday 5.12 is Mother’s Day! We know you totally remembered, but just in case, we have at-home gift ideas covered below 😉


What is Mini Adulting?

We’re not rushing to have our kids take on the responsibilities of adulthood. But adult hobbies? Why not! This parenting idea encourages moms and dads to include their little ones in whatever it is they liked before having kids, be it fashion, music, or the outdoors. There’s benefits in this for both kids and their grown-ups.


5 gifts to get your kids that aren’t toys

The last thing your home needs is more clutter. These intangible gift ideas are more meaningful and will still make the kiddos smile.

  • Gift card to a local museum 

  • Subscription to age-appropriate publication

  • Lessons at a local business

  • Tickets to a local show or kids’ concert

  • DIY coupon book with special dates and activities

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These Mother’s Day crafts are perfect for partners to do with the kids

You’re running out of the time to get the perfect gift for mom. While you ponder what to buy (or wait for what you bought already to arrive in the mail), consider spending quality time with your kiddo to make mom one of these crafts, meant for little hands (with adult supervision).



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