🌟 Do your kids understand the value of money?

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Help your kids learn the value of money with allowances

Want to raise financially responsible kids who make smart choices? Discover how allowances, understanding needs vs. wants, and smart money habits can shape financially independent, confident adults.

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5 things to do on the Fourth of July besides fireworks

Discover fun and festive alternatives to fireworks for celebrating the Fourth of July with your family. From glow parties to scavenger hunts, create lasting memories without the loud booms. 

  1. Plan a red, white, and blue scavenger hunt

  2. Throw a glow-in-the-dark party

  3. Host a patriotic outdoor movie night

  4. Create a family time capsule

  5. Go on a night hike


Can your family survive a Weekend Digital Detox?

If devices are taking over your house, a break from screens may be just what your family needs. Hear about the benefits, how to plan, and get some activity ideas for your family’s next digital detox.


What are your go-to parenting resources?

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