🌟 Independent play: do we have to play with our kids?

Summer birthdays + DIY science experiments

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Do we have to play with our kids?

Do you ever feel guilty for not wanting to play with your child? Learn why solo play is essential for their development, plus get some practical advice to encourage their independence and creativity through play.

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5 extra special ways to celebrate summer birthdays

 These unique party ideas will make your child’s summer birthday unforgettable. 

  1. Ice cream social

  2. Nighttime party

  3. Birthday at the beach

  4. Outdoor art party

  5. Summer Olympics party


Fun & easy DIY science experiments for kids of all ages

Turn your home into a science lab with these simple, hands-on experiments using everyday household items. From toddlers exploring sensory play to teens launching bottle rockets, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to make slime, create chemical reactions, and spend quality time together learning about how things work.


What are your biggest mealtime struggles with your kids?

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