🌟 Do we need to be more strict with our kids?

Plus summer camp safety & sidewalk chalk ideas

Warmer weather means school is almost out. And for those of you who are kinda…sorta…a whole lotta…dreading your kids having too much down time - we see you. Every week we’ll send you ideas to keep your kiddos entertained, safe, and give you some much needed downtime. We’re here to support you!


This parenting style is catching on in 2024… but is it for you?

According to a new survey, this stricter type of parenting with a focus on academic success is making a comeback in almost half of the U.S. Authoritarian Parenting sounds a little scary, and, honestly, that’s because it is quite strict. Here’s what you need to know.


5 ways to ensure your kid is safe at camp for summer 2024

Before you send your little one off to day camp or sleepaway, make sure you know the answers to these burning safety-related qs about your camp of choice:

  • What training does the staff have?

  • Is this camp accredited?

  • What policies are in place for sunscreen and drinking water?

  • What are the rules around pools?

  • What if my kid needs extra support?


10 fun things to do with sidewalk chalk

Discover 10 creative and entertaining ways to play with sidewalk chalk this summer, perfect for keeping kids of all ages engaged and off screens. Mazes, games, family murals, and more.


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  • Business Insider shares one mom’s expat experience of moving back to the US from Switzerland, and the differences in parenting styles

  • Kristen Bell tells People the one parenting rule her and Dax Shepard have maintained while raising their kids


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